Beauty Salon Jonna-Miia
tel. + (358) (0)40 960 3558

Elsa Hjeronymus 75e
Chemical face cleaning (inc. eye brows styling) app. 1 ½ h

Bernard Cassiere - face treatments 85e
(inc. cleaning, peeling, eye brows styling, pore cleaning, facemassage, mask, power serum, lotion) app. 1 - 1 ½ h

Face cleaning 60e
(inc. cleaning, peeling, eye brows styling, pore cleaning, serum, mask, eye contour serum, lotion) app. 1 h

Relaxing face treatment 55e
(inc. cleaning, facemassage, mask, lotion) 50 min.

Refreshing face treatment 55e
(inc. cleaning, double peeling, eye brows styling, mask, lotion) 50 min.

Styling & toning eyelash and eye brows 28e

Manicure 48e

Pedicure 50e

Make Up 45e

Depilation with wax or sugar
upper lip 7e
armpit / bikini line 25e
legs 37e

Kindle note, to get the treatment on the best time you wish, booking in advance is recommended. Welcome!

Open hours
Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10.00 - 17.00, Porokylänkatu 18, Nurmes
other times by an agreement.